Mexia Bass Club By-laws Adopted for 2011


Section 1 – The name of this organization shall be the MEXIA BASS CLUB


Section 1- Working for conservation of fish and wildlife.

Section 2 – Providing the membership with the opportunity to become skilled in bass angling.

Section 3 – Enjoyment of the sport and fellowship of bass fishing.


Section 1- Eligibility:  Any male or female of good character with a sincere interest in bass fishing and conservation of fish and wildlife who is willing to fully support the concepts on which the club is founded.

Section 2 – Requirements:

A.Prospective new members will be invited by active members and allowed to participate in a club tournament following payment of appropriate tournament fees.  Full membership is determined by majority vote of a quorum of members in a regular monthly meeting.

B.Active members (defined as any due-paying member) are eligible for plaques and prizes given at the end of the year.

C.Members who have remained inactive for a year or more must be voted on before being re-accepted into the club membership.  This provision applies to all members regardless of age.

D. Membership dues will be $20 per year, $10 per half-year or $30 per family for the year.

Section 3 - Limitation of membership:  Total membership in the club will be unlimited.

Section 4 -       A member will be exempt from yearly membership dues at age 65 if he or she has 10 years of continuous membership with the club.


Section 1 -The officers of the club shall be:


B.Vice President



Section 2 -Election of officers:

A.Nominations for the election of officers shall be taken by nominations from the floor.

B.Officers shall be elected by popular vote, in the order outlined above, by members present at the December meeting of each calendar year.

C.Newly elected officers will assume office on January 1 following the elections.


Section 1 -By-laws may not be changed by any action taken except under the provisions of ARTICLE X.

A.The Club will keep track of total pounds of fish caught by individual members during Club tournaments.  Annual Club high-point members will be established using cumulative data from monthly tournaments.

B.Each member’s tournament totals and standings will be recorded on paper and electronically by computer.


Section 1 - Regular meetings shall be held the last Tuesday of each month.

                        Meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. at the Mexia Public Library unless members have been notified by mail, email,                        

                        telephone, or at previous meeting of a change of location.

Section 2 - Meetings may be called, when deemed necessary by the officers, and held after giving notification to the majority of the members.

Section 3 - Lakes and times, decided in that order, will be voted on at the monthly meeting.  Three lakes must be nominated for consideration of monthly tournaments before the nominations may cease.  A run-off will be held between the two lakes receiving the most votes if one lake does not receive a majority vote.

Section 4- The Club may fish a lake three times a year.


Section 1 -Cause for expulsion:

A.Non-payment of dues.

B.Lack of sportsmanship; threatening, with violence, of Club officers or Club members; subterfuge or legal action; other ungentlemanlike or unladylike behavior shall be considered grounds for expulsion.

Section 2 - In the event a member has expulsion charges against them under Section 1- B above, the Club President will inform the member of the charges with dates and details so that the member can meet with the officers and answer the said charges.  The officers will then dismiss the charges or bring the charges before the appeals committee at the next scheduled meeting where the majority vote of the committee members present shall decide action to be taken.  (The Appeals Committee shall consist of the Club officers and the By-law committee).


Section 1 - All funds received by the club shall be placed in a suitable depository.  The signature of the Treasurer or the Secretary is required for any disbursement.

Section 2 - All funds received shall be used for the operation and advancement of the club and any conservation efforts pursued by the club.


Section 1 -The By-laws may be amended by submitting any proposed amendment at the November meeting, to be voted on at the December meeting.  The vote will require the approval of a two-thirds majority of members present to pass.  By-laws cannot be changed at any other time or by any other method.


Section 1 -Rules for Tournaments:

A.Bass must meet state and local lake size and limit laws for the particular body of water being fished that month except that all fish must be a minimum of 14 inches unless a greater length is stipulated by sate or local regulation. Fish will be weighed with electronic scales and recorded to the nearest pound and 1/100th pound.

B.No live bait or trolling with combustible engine allowed.

C.All tournaments shall be team tournaments consisting of one or two persons.  There are no restrictions on the number of members fishing from a boat, but partners must be designated prior to the tournament.  Both members of a team must fish from the same boat.

D.Each member will be allowed to invite two guest fishermen per year, with that guest allowed to fish only one time as a guest.  The guest must pay an entry fee and is entitled to one month’s winnings only.  The guest’s weight will count toward the team total for that tournament only and the guest’s yearly total if they subsequently join the club.

E.Ramp will be established for weigh-in purposes only.  A member may leave from any ramp they desire.

F.Member and fish must be present at designated weigh-in time in order to weigh fish.  If a member must leave the lake before the weigh-in time, his or her partner or another club member may weigh his or her fish for him/her, provided the fish are kept separately or tagged.  Fish weighed for an absent member must be accompanied by a properly completed form from the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife (available in the Outdoor Annual).  If the designated “weigh master” accounts for all  signed-up fishermen as present at the weigh-in ramp prior to the official weigh-in time, weigh-in may be held prior to the assigned time.

G.Measuring of fish, and any decision pertaining to fish length or condition, are made by the weigh master.  Every fish will be measured regardless of its length, using a Golden Rule with mouth closed.  If an angler is in doubt that a fish will measure, a courtesy board will be provided at the weigh-in site.

  1. H.A penalty of 0.25 pounds will be deducted for each dead fish weighed.  The fish will still be counted in the total stringer weight minus the 0.25 lb deduction.  The dead fish penalty of .25 lb will not be subtracted from the weight when the fish is the big fish of the day.  If a short fish is brought to the scales, the short fish will not be weighed and a one pound penalty will be deducted from the total weight.

  2. I.If a team member is unable to fish a tournament, the remaining team member may pay two entry fees, fish alone in the tournament and his weight for that event will be counted toward the team total for the year.  A fisherman may weigh only one legal limit.

J.Each club member and/or guest is solely responsible for his or her own actions, including situations that result from inclement weather.  The Mexia Bass Club and/or its officers will not be held liable for boating, water, travel or any other accidents.

K.Members will receive 1 (one) pound credit to their total year-end total for each tournament paid for.

L.The tournament lake is off limits for all club members from Friday at 5:30 PM until the club member is designated to fish according to the official sign-up sheets.

M.Tournament times may be changed, for reasons of safety, by a majority vote of officers and members present.  Every reasonable effort will be made to notify all members who have signed up to fish.  If Saturday start times are altered, the new start time will apply to Sunday as well.

Section 2 – Entry Fees

                        A.   Entry fees for monthly tournaments are $15.00 per person or $15 per couple and are to be paid to the

                               treasurer by 5:30 PM on Friday before the tournament with the exception of two day tournaments.  No        

                               refunds will be made.

B.Tournament entry monies must be placed in envelopes with the anglers name by 5:30 PM at Western Auto in Mexia on Friday before the tournament.

C.Anglers age 17 and under (Junior Angler) pay an $8.00 tournament entry fee.

D.There is a $5.00 optional “Big Bass” pot.  This pot is open to all anglers regardless of age.

Section 3 – Tournament hours will be decided at the regular or called meeting.  Weigh masters for each tournament will be the first angler to sign up for each day.  Anglers will not be allowed to fish on tournament day until the designated start time voted on at the previous meeting. (Exception:  Article X, Section 1M)

Section 4 -The angler weighing in the “heaviest bass” in each tournament will receive the “big bass” money for that event.

Section 5 -If two people show up at the ramp prepared to fish alone, they may fish together.  Weights will be counted individually.  No team weight will apply.

Section 6 -Disputes arising on the day of the tournament must be brought before the club for settlement before checks are issued.

Section 7 - The April tournament will be a two-day travel (family) tournament, the location of which will be determined in February.  Nominated lakes must be at least 75 miles distance from Mexia.  The October tournament will be a two-day tournament, the location of which will be determined in August.  No mileage restrictions apply for the October tournament.  Members may fish one or both days for the $15.00 entry fee.  At any two-day tournament an attempt will be made to schedule a meeting/function such as a supper on Saturday night of the tournament.


Section 1 -Monthly Prizes:

A.The angler catching  the “Big Bass” for the tournament will receive 100% of the Big Bass Optional Pot.  Entry fee for the Big Bass Pot is $5.00 per tournament.  The “Big Bass” will be weighed with the team stringer.

B.Payout for places 1-3 will receive 80% of the $15.00 entry fees for that tournament. Payouts are as follows:  1st = 50%, 2nd = 30%, 3rd = 20%.

C.Each individual stringer will be weighed for totals at the end of the year.  Total weights will be used to determine the “Top Ten” anglers of the year.

D.  Any party receiving a check will tell what was used to catch the fish and the depth of water fished and some detail in the spirit of helping others fish. 

Section 2 - End-of-Year Prizes:

A.Most individual pounds caught will receive a plaque at the end of the year.

B.The award for “Big Bass” of the year will be a plaque.

C.The “Top Team” of the year will be awarded a plaque.

D.“Top Ten “ anglers will receive a plaque.  “Top Ten” anglers receiving a team award will have an engraved brass plate added to their Plaque rather than receiving 2 separate plaques.

E.There will be a “Top Ten Tournament” each year held in conjunction with the regular March club tournament.  The club will furnish a $300.00 jackpot for the “Top Ten Tournament” to be awarded as follows:1st place $150.00, 2nd place $100.00,  3rd place $50.00.

F.The Junior Angler (age 17 and under) who compiles the most weight throughout the year during the monthly tournaments (including bonus points for meeting attendance) will be named “Junior Champion of the Year” and will receive a plaque.  The junior anglers must fish at least three tournaments and attend at least three meetings to be eligible to be named “Junior Campion of the Year” and win a plaque.


Any procedure not defined in these By-laws will be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order.

Adopted on the date hereby undersigned:

December 28, 2010  

Date of Adoption

Buddy Bordan               

Club President

Gerry Cox                      

Vice President