Meeting Minutes

The Mexia Bass Club met for its regularly scheduled meeting at the Library on Tuesday, November 30, 2010, at 7:00 pm.  The Treasurer, Ron Talbot, called the meeting to order and read the minutes which were approved as read.     

Ron Talbot delivered the financial statement, reporting that all bills have been paid.

Checks for the November tournament were passed out as follows:

Fish were caught on crank baits and rattle traps.

The Club gave Gail Cate a birthday card signed by the members of the club.

In new business, a discussion was held related to whether to have the children’s Trout Tournament this year on January 29 and 30.  A motion was made by Ron Talbot and seconded by Tom Fox to have the tournament.  The motion passed.  

Suggestions for changes to the by-laws were called for.  There were several suggestions:
Changes to section 1 that Kentucky bass go with state regulations on the lake instead of 14 inches which has been the rule.
Every member who is going to fish a tournament must pay by Friday afternoon by 5:-00 pm with the exception of two day tournaments.
In the case of a big fish, the .25 pounds that is subtracted for a dead fish will come off the sack weight for the tournament but will not come off the weight for big fish.  
Tournament lakes should include individual lakes only twice in a year.
Raise the entry fee to $25 plus $5.00 for big bass for tournaments.
Cut the Club’s part of tournament fees from 20% to 10%.
If a team has paid its entry fee by 5:00 pm on Friday, they can call a Club Officer and change the day they want to fish.

The selection of a lake for the next tournament was discussed.  Lakes nominated were Waco, Richland Chambers, Lake Limestone and Mexia.  Lake Waco was voted in.  Times will be 6:30 am to 3:00 pm.  The ramp selected was the Airport Ramp.   is the first person who signs up for both days.  

Kangaroo court assessed no fines.

Meeting adjourned.

Results of the December Tournament at Lake Waco, December 11-12, 2010 

December 2010 tournament at Lake Waco:
First Place:       Tom Fox and Mike Yeager with 18.72 pounds
Second Place:   Bert Harrison and Steve Hughes with 11.84 pounds
Third Place:      Buddy Bordan and Jeff Looney with 10.43 pounds
Big Bass:          Gail Cate with a 4.48 pound bass